Sections & Offices

Consulate Offices

The Consular Section is composed of the American Citizen Services Section and Visa Sections. American Citizen Services deals with the variety of problems which confront Americans abroad, from replacing passports to providing U.S. tax forms. The Visa Sections handle both immigrant and non-immigrant visas.

U.S. Commercial Service – U.S. Commercial Service in Hong Kong is responsible for U.S. export development activities in Hong Kong and Macau. They also work in collaboration with our China offices to promote exports to China, using Hong Kong as a springboard.

Do you have information to report on drug-related or money laundering activity? Contact the Drug Enforcement Administration, Hong Kong Office at: (852) 2521-4536

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) – U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is the largest investigative arm of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). ICE is responsible for combating trade based money laundering, human trafficking and smuggling, illegal diversion of US strategic technology and commodities (e.g. weapons of mass destruction, chemical, biological, and nuclear proliferation) to proscribed nations, commercial fraud such as fraudulent textile transshipments, Intellectual Property Rights violations, smuggling of child pornography, and alien detection and removal. Inquiry hotline: (852) 2841-2199

U.S. Foreign Agricultural Service, Agricultural Trade Office – The primary role of the ATO is to promote the export of U.S. agricultural products and to improve access for these products in foreign markets. The ATO takes the lead in promoting American food, fiber and forest products to Hong Kong importers and consumers.

Public Affairs Section – The Public Affairs Section performs two primary functions in Hong Kong; it is both a source of information on official U.S. Government policy and a coordinator of U.S. educational and cultural exchanges with local partners.

Economic/Political Section – The Economic/Political Section monitors economic and political events in Hong Kong, China, and the region. Officers from the Economic/Political Section frequently represent the United States in dealings and negotiations with the Hong Kong Government.