U.S. and Hong Kong Delegations Discuss Counterproliferation and Export Controls

On December 5-7, senior delegations from the U.S. Department of State and U.S. Department of Commerce met with representatives of several Hong Kong Government agencies to consider recent progress and performance in bilateral cooperation on sanctions enforcement and strategic trade controls.

On sanctions enforcement, the U.S. delegation took note of recent steps by Hong Kong to enact ordinances necessary to implement United Nations sanctions, and new laws making it harder to register and operate shell companies in Hong Kong. The U.S. team recommended that Hong Kong improve the flow of enforcement cooperation information, and devote additional resources to sanctions enforcement, particularly with respect to shipping activities that violate United Nations sanctions on North Korea and Iran.

On exports controls, the U.S. delegation sought further improvements in Hong Kong’s tracking of strategic commodities and controlled items building on recent progress, and additional action and assistance in enforcement of restrictions on re-exports, so as to prevent diversion of such items to the development and production of weapons of mass destruction and unauthorized military end users.

The United States looks forward to continued close cooperation with Hong Kong on these important matters.