U.S. Consulate General Launches Wildlife Challenge

Keeping Wildlife in the Wild

To raise awareness around wildlife trafficking, the U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau has launched the “Keeping Wildlife in the Wild” open innovation challenge. Partnering with Agorize, World Wildlife Fund, ADM Capital Foundation, GlobeScan, Swire Pacific, WildAid and University of Hong Kong, the challenge invites students and fresh graduates to create innovative solutions to wildlife trafficking issues.

“Keeping the Wildlife in the Wild” challenge applicants have until September 30th to sign up on the website and create two to four person teams. Teams will design solutions for one of three pressing issues: wildlife conservation awareness, wildlife trafficking or marine life preservation. Teams that excel in the first phase of the competition will be invited to pitch their ideas in front of industry experts in November, competing for WWF sponsored overseas exchange/training opportunities, internships, and electronic prizes.

The U.S. Consulate General Hong Kong and Macau invites the community to join minds to help protect our wildlife and our planet. Learn more about wildlife trafficking issues and register for the challenge at: Keeping Wildlife in the Wild.