Consul General Tong’s Interview on RTHK “The Pulse,” Hosted by Steve Vines

Broadcast on May 4, 2019 - Stephen Vines (SV): Consul General, can I ask you? It does appear that the United States is getting a bit more engaged with affairs in Hong Kong: you’re being critical of the sentencing of the Occupy leaders, you’ve raised concerns over the extradition ... the proposed extradition law, and ...
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Transcript of Consul General Kurt Tong’s TVB Straight Talk interview with Michael Chugani

February 26, 2019 - Michael Chugani (MC): Hello, I’m Michael Chugani and this is Straight Talk. With me today is the US Consul General, Mr. Kurt Tong. Thank you very much. Now, Mr. Consul General, you were here about a year ago.
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