Purchasing an envelope for the return of your new passport

Please note that, if you will be coming to the Consulate to register the citizenship of a child, and you will be applying for the child’s first passport and Social Security number at the same time, we cannot mail your child’s documents to you when they are ready. A parent must come in person to pick up the documents and sign the new passport so that we can make the necessary certified copies for the Social Security application.

If you are applying for a passport renewal, you should provide us with an envelope so that we can mail you your new passport once we receive it from the printing center in the United States. It needs to have postage to cover delivery from the Consulate to your home address in either Hong Kong or Macau.

If you are applying for a renewal by mail, please note that we will be mailing you TWO passports: your new one, and your old, cancelled one. Please provide postage accordingly.

If you are applying for a renewal in person, you need only provide postage for ONE passport as we will cancel your old passport at your appointment and return it to you on the spot.

If you are applying in person as a family group, we would strongly prefer that you provide an envelope per person. This ensures that, should passports be ready at different times, all can be mailed as we receive them, and none will accidentally be left behind at the Consulate.

If you are in Hong Kong, you have two choices in the envelope you provide to us: you may provide a simple envelope with postage OR you may provide an envelope that is trackable. The choice is entirely up to you. It is extremely rare for a passport to be lost in the mail between the Consulate and our clients, but it has happened. If you would like the added security of knowing your passport can be traced if lost or delayed, please purchase a trackable envelope. For those of you in Macau, who cannot currently travel to Hong Kong to purchase stamps, only the trackable option is possible.

If you will provide a simple envelope for an in-person appointment, please print your own name and address as the addressee in the center of the envelope and provide postage for 164 grams. If you are providing an envelope to include in a mail renewal, please provide postage for 328 grams. Round up as necessary to affix the correct level of postage.

If you would like to purchase a trackable envelope, you have a few options:

  1. If you already have an account with Fedex or DHL, you simply provide us with your account number and we will call the relevant company for a pick-up when your new passport is ready, billing the delivery to your account. This option is available to both Hong Kong and Macau-based clients. If you do not have an account already, Fedex and DHL are not options as they do not allow for one-off clients.
  2. SF Express: This company DOES provide a one-off option. Go to one of their offices and prepay your delivery. They will provide you with a reference number, which you pass to us. When your new passport arrives, we will contact the company for a pick-up, using your reference number to prove prepayment. This option is available to both Hong Kong and Macau-based clients.
  3. Hong Kong Post (852-2921-2222):

    For deliveries within Hong Kong, there are three trackable options—
    a. Registered mail
    b. Local courier post (delivery in one day)
    c. Smart post (the cheapest option)
    All three of these options can be purchased at Hong Kong Post counters. Applicants can also pay for registered mail service online at EC-Ship Online and then print their postage label and affix it to an envelope. To do this, you must have an online account with Hong Kong Post. You can create a new account at Hongkong Post ID Registration.

    For deliveries from Hong Kong to Macau, there are two trackable options—
    a. Registered mail
    b. Speed post (delivery in one day)
    Applicants in Macau should follow the instructions above to purchase a postage label online, first creating a Hong Kong Post account if necessary.

    Exemplars for Hong Kong Post registered mail, local courier post and smart post can be found here (PDF 310 KB).

    Consulate staff will hand over all Hong Kong Post trackable envelopes at Hong Kong Post counters.

Regardless of the type of trackable envelope you purchase, if the sender’s address is requested, please use:
American Citizen Services
U.S. Consulate General
26 Garden Road
Central, Hong Kong

When purchasing your trackable envelope for an in-person appointment, if the weight is requested, please state 164 grams. If you are providing an envelope to include in a mail renewal, please state 328 grams.

We highly recommend that you make a note of your tracking number before handing your envelope to us at your appointment. If your passport does not arrive at your home in a timely manner, your first step should be to contact Hong Kong Post or your delivery company directly and use your tracking number to trace your envelope yourself. Please contact the Consulate only after one month has passed and it is absolutely clear that the passport has been lost so that we can work on issuing a replacement.