Less Than Six Months Validity Left on a Passport

In the Asia Pacific region, many countries require that a U.S. passport have six months validity remaining on it for issuance of a visa/travel. Some airlines will not allow passengers with less than six months of passport validity to board their flights. The U.S. Consulate cannot require other countries or airlines to board you onto a flight, or permit you to enter a foreign country.

If your travel plans have been delayed due to this problem, please follow the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment online.
  2. Bring your completed form to your appointment. Please ignore the part of the form that instructs you to mail the form to the U.S. If you mail the form to the U.S., your application will be considerably delayed.
  3. If the passport is for an adult, please see Adult Passports.
  4. If the passport is for a child, please see Minor Passports.

If you do not have to travel urgently and you are applying for an adult (over 16 years of age) renewal passport, you may apply in person or by mail: see Adult Passports


Last modified: April 13, 2017