Immigrant Visas: Civil Documents and Police Certificates from the People’s Republic of China

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Civil Documents and Police Certificates from the People’s Republic of China

Birth/marriage/death/divorce certificates: Individuals living outside China may obtain civil documents for birth, marriage, death and divorce from the Notary Public Office with jurisdiction over their county of previous residence. Relatives or friends may request issuance of certificates on behalf of an applicant who is living abroad. Relatives and friends should have specific written authorization from the interested party requesting the documents. Alternatively, persons in need of civil documents may contact the PRC Embassy or Consulate nearest to their residence abroad and ask that their request be forwarded to the appropriate Notary Public Office. Obtaining civil documents through a PRC Embassy or Consulate can require considerable time.

Police certificates: Individuals should apply for a certificate of no criminal record at the local Public Security Bureau (PSB). Once the certificate has been obtained, individuals should then make an application to the Notary Public Office for a certificate based on the PSB document.  Please note:  if you cannot travel to the Mainland in person to apply for your police certificate, you may grant proxy to a friend or relative to apply on your behalf.  Alternatively, we are informed that there are agencies who will obtain your police certificate for you for a fee; however, we are unable to recommend any specific agency.